Top 5 Things Admission Counselors Do On The Road

Top 5 Things Admission Counselors Do On The Road

Throughout the fall of each school 12 months, I travel…a lot. We wake up early, catch flights across the national nation, and search the Hertz parking great deal for rental cars with backup cameras. During this time, I’m rarely at my desk, I’m meeting a lot of awesome students, and learning about the cool and exciting things pupils are doing. However when I’m not on an airplane or at the car that is rental, here’s just what I’m probably doing…

  1. Interviews and Receptions and High class visits

Check your senior high school’s hallways for our visit posters. You should see our poster outside your counseling office if we are coming to your school over the next couple of weeks. We are going to additionally be Discover that is doing USC on campus and through the United States and abroad.

  1. Hoarding Pens

If there is certainly one thing you should bring with you a senior school visit, it’s a pen. We shall provide something to write in, but we do not provide one thing to write with. We give some pretty information that is useful these visits, so it is generally beneficial to jot down a few notes. Last i visited schools in southern Virginia week. I started the week with about ten extra pens and ended with two.

  1. Responding to questions

We fork out a lot of time answering concerns while we travel (and really through the year.) But, when we have been on the highway, this is our central mission. We make an effort to respond to all regarding the relevant question you have while we are in your town. SO, the piece that is best of advice I can provide you is ASK YOUR ISSUES. It is also easier to answer questions when we are standing in front of you then to email us later.

  1. Sitting in my own vehicle

We sit within my car…a lot… often it feels like I save money time in my own car than I do in the specific senior school. Often I’ll check Facebook (i am old) or Snapchat, and make some updates that are funny this new filters (lately the bunny is the best.) Inevitably I find yourself sitting in my car longer than I should as I’m (still) playing Hamilton and trying away my most readily useful (browse worst) rap skills. That reminds me! Anyone filling out of the Quick Takes yet? Remember, quick, sweet, and just be YOU! This isn’t trick.

  1. Eating local but drinking Starbucks

Have any good restaurant recommendations that are not Chipotle? Send them our way! We love to explore metropolitan areas and discover about where you reside. Understanding where you come from, helps us understand your application. We need to get a feel for the community and experience what you encounter on a basis that is daily. I tried a phenomenal Greek place last week that has been in a totally random location…thanks Yelp!